Please multiply  BC rock pricing by the number of tonne(1000kg) you intend to purchase
then add the cost of freight for your city as follows:
e.g.  [  (product price x quantity in tonne) + destination freight rate] + applicable taxes

retaining wall density formula: each cubic foot of stone weighs +/-165 lbs
e.g  (Wall length' x height' x width' x 16
5) divide by 2204.6 = tonne(1000kg)

Quartzite flagstone formula always measured in Imperial ton(2000lbs):
150 square feet of area for each ton of 1 inch thick flagstone
90 square feet of area for each ton 2 inch thick flagstone
60 square feet area for each ton 3 inch thick

RSSS Moyie Rust Iron Stone Perfect Cut Steps,
$110/square foot available in Moyie Rust Iron Stone,
     Call to order and supply your dimensions

BC Moyie Rust Iron Stone Natural Steps
$85 ea. small up too 24" wide (all steps are 5-8 inch rise)
$300 each medium step 36" width
$400 each large step 42" width
500 each X-large step 4' width
600 each XX-large step 5' width
800 each XXX-large step 6' width

BC Moyie Rust Iron Stone Retaining wall blocks
$450/tonne  flat slabs, address markers, or seating benches.
$780/tonne  1-3" thick cobblestone or flagstone

$ on sale (mixed stackable sizes) not sorted to size, Call for bulk pricing
$220/tonne (small machine) 8"-12" tall mixed stack stone, leggo's and blocks
$282/tonne (medium wall rock) 14"-20" tall mixed stack stone, retaining wall
$310/tonne (large wall rock) 20"-24" tall mixed retaining wall stone & Lego block
$480/tonne  hand size square blocks 6 - 12" homeowner size, bulk dump truck
$82/tonne on sale  class 1M Riparian Riprap 5" - 12"

$ Call Bulk RipRap  class 1 riprap, class 2 riprap, class 3 riprap
$80/tonne  40mm RSSS Crushed decorative drain rock
55/tonne 75MM RSSS Crushed decorative drain rock/ ballast
$44/tonne 125mm 3 face fractured crushed ballast cobble
$44/tonne 175mm 3 face fractured crushed cobble

BC Koocanusa River Rock
$80/tonne    Koocanusa      1/2", 12.5mm pea stone river rock
$60/tonne    Koocanusa      1" -
6", 25-150mm round river rock
$80/tonne    Koocanusa      
6"- 16" oversize rounds river rock
$140/tonne Glacier Boulders oversize 2 - 4 feet diameter

$950/tonne Koocanusa     3"-5" brick mason rounds (about $6/square foot)

Montana Rainbow Rock
$190/yard3  1.5" rounds (40mm)

AB Black & Brown Rundle
$280/yard 40mm &20mm decorative crush, clear stone.
$140/yard 10mm minus stonedust. flagstone crack filler, baseball diamonds, walking pathways
$400/tonne feature boulders in Black or Brown limestone

High Grade BC Quartzite  Steps, Flagstone, and Stackers (sold in imperial ton2000lbs)
$1100/ton  Gold Leaf Charman  1" thick Quartzite 150 feet2
$780/ton    Gold Leaf Charman  2"  thick Quartzite 90 feet2
$700/ton    Golf Leaf Charman 3-4" thick quartzite step stones
$1050/ton   West Coast Brown Walnut 1" thick Quartzite 150 square feet
$780/ton     West Coast Brown Walnut 2" thick Quartzite 90 square feet
$700/ton    West Coast brown Walnut 3-4" thick quartzite  stones
$1300/ton    Mountain Grey Flagging  2" thick Quartzite 90 square feet (RARE)

Other Landscape Product    

$80/yard Mulch- Rocky Mountain Bark hemlock & fir, small nuggets
$80/yard medium and large Bark Nuggets - Min 20 Yd load
5/yard AB Black Dirt @ depot in Cranbrook 100 Slater Road NW
$50/ FIBC Bulk Bag filling charge, 1 cubic yard
@ Cranbrook Depot
$380/yard  40mm Decorative Purple Sparkle @ Cranbrook Depot

Pink Rock Salt, White Winter Ice Salt, , RSSS Safe-T-Grit, RSSS Safe-T-Salt
$85/Yard3  BC Winter Grit, crushed stone chips 2-10 mm, pickled 10% salt. Add freight
$300/Yard3   fine pink slow release formula. (city works) -18C kiln dried
$300/Yard3   white rock salt, high intensity melting action  -12C kiln dried.

FREIGHT RATE for RSSS Bulk truck and pup load. Larger end dumps and side dumps, quad
wagons and super B dumper trucks available depending upon job-site access conditions and size of
order, All loads weighed in metric tonne(1000kg) with printed weigh ticket unless measured in
Freight as follows
400.00 per 25 tonne to Edmonton, Swift Current, Vancouver
900.00 per 25 tonne load to Red Deer
700.00 per 25 tonne load to all of Calgary
650.00 per 25 tonne load to Cochrane
400.00 per 25 tonne load to Canmore, Lethbridge
$1200.00 per 25 tonne load to Fort MacLeod
$750.00 per 26 tonne load to Golden ,Sparwood, Elkford
$500.00 per 26 tonne load to  Fernie, Creston
50.00 per 26 tonne load to Elkview, Invermere, Yahk, Radium Hot Springs
00.00 per 26 tonne load to Kimberley, Jaffery, Moyie
150.00 per 26 tonne load Cranbrook, Fort Steel or 1 hour round trip from quarry.

Call for palletized super B flat deck rates, pallatized products do not fall within the above  trucking

* if you do not see your destination city please call or email us with your address and location for a
FREE delivery quote;
Rod Roth (250) 464-9991  

Skid-Steer Service, and Wheel Loaders, Trucks etc are fully Insured, 25 yrs  experience with
the following
  • Demolition and recycling contracting, materials separation, removal. Quotations available
  • Excavation and road building with paving roller
  • Asphalt construction repairs, asphalt demolition and removal
  • Complete landscape Design and install with grading
  • Stone Retaining wall landscape construction
  • New concrete construction, driveway and sidewalk breaking, demolition ball, cement dumping
  • tree service, licenced feller / instructor. Tree stump removal bushes and shrubs
  • Snow plowing/contracting, snow loading , snow hauling, salt , sanding , sweeping. Cranbrook
    Area Only. Commercial Contract quotes available, snow removal financing with 6 equal
    payments. Ice salt sales. (slip or fall claims to date: 001) (At-fault slip/fall claims to date 000)


RSSS Quarries  LTD.
100 Slater Road NW, CRANBROOK BC
2019 metric(1000kg) Price Lists email
- HST Tax Law  applies to all product and services delivered to Ontario and PEI
- 7% PST applies to product if picked up or delivered to British Columbia unless customer has
PST exemption certificate  and 5%
GST to services such as freight and instalation.
- Non - HST - Participating Provinces are charged 5% GST  including AB, SK and MB

Sales to the USA, add $
225.00 brokerage fees , your state tax is exempt with IRS business number. Rsss can clear a USA export
shipment 24-7, with our US Customs Invoice. We supply a country of origin NAFTA declaration, product made in Canada.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex

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