Please multiply  BC rock pricing by the number of tonne(1000kg) you intend to purchase
then add the cost of freight for your city as follows:
e.g.  [  (product price x quantity in tonne) + destination freight rate] + applicable taxes

retaining wall density formula: each cubic foot of stone weighs +/-160 lbs
e.g  (Wall length' x height' x width' x 160) divide by 2204.6 = tonne(1000kg)

Quartzite flagstone formula always measured in Imperial ton(2000lbs):
150 square feet of area for each ton of 1 inch thick flagstone
90 square feet of area for each ton 2 inch thick flagstone
60 square feet area for each ton 3 inch thick

RSSS Moyie Rust Iron Stone Perfect Cut Steps,
$100/square foot available in Moyie Rust Iron Stone,
 Call to order and supply your dimensions

BC Moyie Rust Iron Stone Natural Steps
$85 ea. small up too 24" wide (all steps are 5-8 inch rise)
$300 each medium step 36" width
$400 each large step 42" width
$500 each X-large step 4' width
$600 each XX-large step 5' width
$700 each XXX-large step 6' width
BC Moyie Rust Iron Stone Retaining wall blocks
$350/tonne  flat slabs, address markers, or seating benches.
480/tonne  1-3" thick cobblestone or flagstone
176/tonne (small machine) 8"-12" tall mixed stack stone, leggo's and blocks
$220/tonne (medium wall rock) 1
4"-20" tall mixed stack stone, retaining wall
$220/tonne (large wall rock) 2
0"-24" tall mixed retaining wall stone & Lego block
 hand size square blocks 6 - 12" homeowner size, bulk dump truck
$82/tonne   class 1M Riparian Riprap 5" - 12"
Call Bulk RipRap  class 1 riprap, class 2 riprap, class 3 riprap
5/tonne  40mm RSSS Crushed decorative drain rock
55/tonne 80MM RSSS Crushed decorative drain rock

BC Koocanusa River Rock
$51/tonne    Koocanusa      1/2", 12.5mm pea stone river rock
51/tonne    Koocanusa      1" - 4", 25-100mm round river rock
$77/tonne    Koocanusa      3"- 16" oversize rounds river rock

$250/tonne Koocanusa     3"-5" brick mason rounds ( about $6/square foot)

Montana Rainbow Rock
$140/yard3  3/4" rounds (19mm)

AB Black & Brown Rundle
$225/yard 40mm decorative crush, clear stone.
$110/yard 10mm minus stonedust. flagstone crack filler, baseball diamonds, walking pathways
300/tonne feature boulders in Black or Brown limestone

High Grade BC Quartzite  Steps, Flagstone, and Stackers (sold in imperial ton2000lbs)
$900/ton  Gold Leaf Charman  1" thick Quartzite 150 feet2
$700/ton    Gold Leaf Charman  2"  thick Quartzite 90 feet2
$640/ton    Golf Leaf Charman 3-4" thick quartzite step stones
$900/ton   West Coast Brown Walnut 1" thick Quartzite 150 square feet
$700/ton     West Coast Brown Walnut 2" thick Quartzite 90 square feet
$640/ton    West Coast brown Walnut 3-4" thick quartzite  stones
$700/ton     Mountain Grey Flagging  2" thick Quartzite 90 square feet

Other Landscape Product    

75/yard Mulch- Rocky Mountain Bark hemlock & fir, small nuggets, Mulch
$65/yard medium and large Bark Nuggets - special order
$55/yard AB Black Dirt depot in Cranbrook 100 Slater Road NW
$200/yard 20mm Decorative Gold Leaf crush, bulk @ Cranbrook Depot
40/ FIBC Bulk Bag filling charge, 1 cubic yard  Cranbrook Depot
220/yard 25- or 40mm Decorative Purple Sparkle @ Cranbrook Depot

Pink Rock Salt, White Winter Ice Salt, , RSSS Safe-T-Grit, RSSS Safe-T-Salt
$80/Yard3  BC Winter Grit, crushed stone chips 2-10 mm, pickled 10% salt. Add freight
$210/Yard3   fine pink slow release formula. (city works) -18C kiln dried
$270/Yard3   white rock salt, high intensity melting action  -12C kiln dried.

FREIGHT RATE for RSSS Bulk truck and pup load. Larger end dumps and side dumps, quad
wagons and super B dumper trucks available depending upon job-site access conditions and size of
order, All loads weighed in metric tonne(1000kg) with printed weigh ticket unless measured in
Freight as follows
$2200.00 per 25 tonne to Edmonton, Swift Current, Vancouver
$1700.00 per 25 tonne load to Red Deer
$1500.00 per 25 tonne load to all of Calgary
$1450.00 per 25 tonne load to Cochrane
$1300.00 per 25 tonne load to Canmore, Lethbridge
$1200.00 per 25 tonne load to Fort MacLeod
$750.00 per 26 tonne load to Golden ,Sparwood, Elkford
$500.00 per 26 tonne load to  Fernie, Creston
$400.00 per 26 tonne load to Elkview, Invermere, Yahk, Radium Hot Springs
$325.00 per 26 tonne load to Kimberley, Jaffery, Moyie
$200.00 per 26 tonne load Cranbrook, Fort Steel or 1 hour round trip from quarry.

Call for palletized super B flat deck rates, pallatized products do not fall within the above  trucking

* if you do not see your destination city please call or email us with your address and location for a
FREE delivery quote;
Marla Smith   (250) 464-9992
Rod Roth (250) 464-9991  

Skid-Steer Service, and Wheel Loaders, Trucks etc are fully Insured, 20 yrs  experience with
the following
  • Demolition and recycling contracting, materials separation, removal. Quotations available
  • Excavation and road building with paving roller
  • Asphalt construction repairs, asphalt demolition and removal
  • Complete landscape Design and install with grading
  • Stone Retaining wall landscape construction
  • New concrete construction, driveway and sidewalk breaking, demolition ball, cement dumping
  • tree service, licenced feller / instructor. Tree stump removal bushes and shrubs
  • Snow plowing/contracting, snow loading , snow hauling, salt , sanding , sweeping. Cranbrook
    Area Only. Commercial Contract quotes available, snow removal financing with 6 equal
    payments. Ice salt sales.


SSS Quarries  LTD.
100 Slater Road NW, CRANBROOK BC
2017 metric(1000kg) Price Lists email or
- HST Tax Law  applies to all product and services delivered to Ontario and PEI
- 7% PST applies to product if picked up or delivered to British Columbia unless customer has
PST exemption certificate  and 5%
GST to services such as freight and instalation.
- Non - HST - Participating Provinces are charged 5% GST  including AB, SK and MB

Sales to the USA, add $125.00 brokerage fees , your state tax is exempt with IRS business number. Rsss can clear a USA export
shipment 24-7, with our US Customs Invoice. We supply a country of origin NAFTA declaration, product made in Canada.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex

Our Mission is to serve every customer with honesty and clarity making you a happy customer!
Please feel free to contact us, Just call/text or email us with any questions

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Decorative Purple Sparkle
Decorative Goldleaf 20mm
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