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Cranbrook Ice Salt Depot, Grit & Sand Solutions 24 hrs
We sell wholesale loads and deliver anywhere in AB or BC. Buy pure white rock salt, pink potash ice salt ,
quality pickled  winter sand and a
NEW environmentally friendly green product called "Winter Grit". For the
contractor who needs to stock pile at their yard. Please call or email Rod for an amount and quote delivered to
your city and destination.

RSSS Depot in Cranbrook BC @ 100 Slater Road will load bulk sand or salt products right into your sander and
spreader. Whether you need half a yard, 2 yards or fill a 6 yard hopper,with in a matter of minutes you will be
rolling out the door and back to work. Now this is service!
White Rock Salt  
Pure white rock salt with high intensity, high performance, anti-ice
melting action, this product works well down to minus 12C to quickly
dissolve snow or built up ice. When combined with sunshine and
liquid calcium, this ice salt will lower the freezing temperature of ice
and snow to well below minus 30C! It can dissolve ice and snow up to
25% faster that traditional pink potassium tailings.  Of course the
customer will not have to worry about messy sand being tracked into
the store front.
Cell Rod Roth (250) 464-9991
Pink Road Salt city & municipal salt)
Pink potash tailings is higher in Calcium content and will actively work
at temperatures as low as minus 18C. This pink ice salt benefits from
its longer lasting slow release formula and low temperature activity.
Recommended for Bridge decks and concrete surfaces, freezing
rains, pre-wetting and blending with sand. The residual effects of pink
road salt will stick well to all wet surfaces and remain present during
the next snow fall. Our testing showed good resistance to black ice
formation from the 5pm temperature drop.
Store owners will experience  less mess than pickled sand.
1.5% processing fee applies

Product is discontinued

Additives and pre-treatment:

  • Liquid Calcium Chloride
13 mm minus Pickled Gravel/Sand and 5% Salt
Mixed in different flavors for your needs, To make pickled sand we
add 3% ice salt.  This keeps it from freezing in your spreader or stock
pile.  Hyway mix/ spec.
Pickled sand is suitable for gravel parking lots, back roads and
economy traction control. Most contractors find pickled sand
preferable and necessary when the temperature drops below minus
This product will track a mess into stores and may keep your janitor
10mm Winter Grit with 20% salt by dry volume
The best, cleanest traction control yet!
20% three face, 80% two face fractured quarry stone.
Environmentally safe with no calcium content.
Very clean, tiny stone chips, We simply crush stone in our Rsss rock
quarry in BC and then remove the messy powder by screening. Winter
grit chip sizes range from 2-10 mm (1/16- 3/8 inch) size, Pickled with
10% ice salt. Dark color stone chips absorb the sun's rays and actually
warm up aiding in the melting action of ice.
High traction solution without all the mess!
Quality Additives
pre-treat your ice salt to perform better at lower temperatures and
prevent salt hopper freeze-up by adding a 20 litres calcium chloride
each yard3.

Liquid Calcium brine
With a tanker and spray system you can pre-wet your surfaces before
the storm for a long lasting residual effect. It helps to break the bond
between a road surface and snow pack.
If you do not see a product , contact us and we will find it, if you need questions answered just call.

250.464.9991                              Email Rod Roth
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Winter Grit
Potassium Based Salt in bulk