Koocanusa River Rock rounds 1 inch
top graft fernleaf weeping caraganda  pea
  Daylily Stella D'Oro
Koocanusa River Rock
Maintenance free 4 - 12 inch Koocanusa River Rock garden
  Moyie Blueberry  1-3 inch crushed
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Rsss landscape design includes Strategic
placement of tree's, shrubs, ferns.  This will
highlight & compliment any landscape design
ABOVE. Yellow Day Lilly  "Stella D'Oro"
ABOVE^  1 inch Koocanusa River Rock
Fractured, crushed and ballast in 3 sizes

ABOVE^  and BELOW  Koocanusa River
Rock Rounds screened from 4-12 inches in
diameter highlight any natural stream , spring,
or pond and water falls. Also available in sizes
ranging from 3/8" pea stone through 2 inch.


ABOVE LEFT^  Mini nuggets are the size of a quarter, ABOVE RIGHT^ small nuggets are the size of a
Toonie    BC Mountain  Bark Mulch adds the finishing touch! Bark Mulch controls weeds and retains moisture
for healthy plants.  Hemlock and Fir Bark Mulch or Nuggets, Guaranteed to not contain Pine  or Cedar bark
due to the  pine beetle & cedar allergies. Use heavier Bark Nuggets for high wind area.
BELOW LEFT medium nuggets are about 2 inches,and large nuggets apple sized,   BELOW RIGHT.
Plant a Dr. Zeus
Tree  for  
This Top Grafted
Weeping  Pea   
decorates nicely
at X-mas time
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heavy dump trucks burning biodiesel

ABOVE^    1-3 inch Moyie Blue  installed as decorative
ground cover. Blueberry Sparkle line of crushed product is
available in many sizes for your decorating and construction
needs. The main minerals in igneous rocks are hard, primary
ones: feldspar, quartz, amphiboles and pyroxenes (together
called "dark minerals" by geologists) Hardness is relative to
quartzite and basalt.This product meets spec for quarry stone
concrete aggregate. 1/4-7/8 chips,  1" chips, 1-3" ballast ,
road-base and stone-dust screenings.
manufactured alen block  retainer wall system
ABOVE^  Well planned retaining walls  serve the purpose of
grade & elevation changes, add beauty and practicality and
will increase property value!!   Remember that retaining walls
never "have" to be built in a straight line.  RSSS will help
design or install a rugged natural stone retaining wall for you!
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golf ball
quarter and wood screw on mini nuggets
tooney and wood screw on small nuggets
cell & wood screw on medium nuggets
cell & wood screw on large nuggets
Rocky Mountain Bark Nuggets
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High Grade BC Quartzite Flag Stone & Marble
ABOVE ^ Samples of BC High Grade Marble Quartzite
Flagstone in 4 colors in 1 inch or 2 inch thickness. Click link
for more details.
golf ball
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Landscapers choice , sample 1 inch White Crystal Sparkle
Crystal White sparkle.
Is availabe in two sizes for landscape
This white crushed stone is then
screened to size, miniature ranges
from 3/8"-3/4" pebbles and the larger
size is 1 inch prefered by landscape
contractors. White Crystal Sparkle is
in the dolomite family with high
concentrations of calcium oxide and
magnesium oxide. There is less than
1% silica and less than 2% impurities.
Hardness measures 3.6 similar to
limestone. Density weighs 2700
pounds per cubic yard.