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High Grade Quartzite  Flagstone is rated 8.5 on the carbon
test for hardness.  Compare diamond is 10 , "carbide"
carborundum  is rated 9.2  
Top Grade Quartzite has  quality properties that are
matched only by marble. 3 quality checks insure against
fractures,& bleeding, rust or other minerals stains. This  
quality flag stone product is hand split, hand sorted, hand
stacked and non poris. Check out our
delivery prices.
Rsss can arrange for delivery to anywhere in Alberta , BC
and North America, trucked to your home,
back yard or
business. Only available here in BC, product of Canada.
 1 inch Gold Leaf Charman quartzite flagstone
2 inch Gold Leaf Charman flagstone
1 inch Blue Marble Quartzite flagstone
Extremely rare "Blue Marble" RIGHT>
high grade quartzite, random flagstone with rough texture  
available on pallets, hand split, not fractured, non poris ,
hard and durable. Carries a hint of quartz sparkle in
sunshine. Also used as water spills and water falls.
Blue Marble Quartzite 1 inch thick
now in stock
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1 inch thick high grade quartzite flagstone
palletized  "gold leaf charman" now in stock
300 square feet on 2 ton pallet
1 inch split flagstone High Grade Quartzite
will range in thickness between .95" - 1.75"
coverage is min. 150 square feet each ton, 2
ton each pallet is over 300 square feet.

2 inch split flagstone High Grade Quartzite
ranges in thickness from 1.75" - 3"  with 90
square feet each ton, 2 ton each pallet is
over 180 square feet
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West Coast Brown Walnut Quartzite flagstone
BC West Coast Brown Walnut RIGHT>

High grade quartzite, random split flagstone, smooth finish.
70% Brown with Black swirls, gold, soft white and 30% blue
mixed color tones . Hand split and palletized in 1" or 2"
compare 4 quartzite flagstone samples
West Coast Brown Walnut
Mountain Blueberry
Gold Leaf Charman
Blue Marble
2" thick BC High Grade Quartzite "gold leaf charman"
palletized, 180 square feet and 2 ton each pallet
Mountain Blueberry High Grade Quartzite flagstone
temporarily sold out Rare Mountain Blueberry RIGHT>
This High-Grade Quartzite flagstone has soft blueberry color
tones, smooth texture, hand split, palletized, random shapes,
1" thick covers 300 square feet each 2 ton pallet
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Quartzite  is non poris , excellent for kitchens, floors,
patio, sauna's , pool decks, waterfalls , counter tops, table
tops or steps .
Special orders beginning May 1 until Dec 15
Blueberry Color vs Grey Flagging color
Mountain Grey Flagging
Mountain Blueberry
please note the color difference between Mountain Blueberry
and Mountain Grey Flagging in the photo on Right>
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Grey Flagging, West Coast Brown, and Gold
leaf STEPS are available in limited quantities.

Palletized stacker's range in size from 1 to 6
inches tall with random length and width,
Build a small retaining wall or water feature
with this Quartzite
$900.00/ton for 1 inch = $6.00 sq. ft.
$700.00/ton for 2 inch = $7.78 sq. ft.
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