Moyie Rust Iron Stone
Cranbrook BC quarry for Moyie Rust Iron Stone
Large  Moyie Rust Lego Block

  • Names: Moyie Rust, Iron Stone , Rustic, Kootenay Brown Stone, and Cranbrook Rustic, Rocky-Mountain

  • Our quarry has been producing this popular stackable retaining wall rock, The product is a dense hard
    grey thick-bedded Wack-quartzite with  tan staining. The product is native to Cranbrook, East Kooteney BC
    and is very durable to winters. Moyie Rust is approved by the ministry of mines for rivers and streams with-
    out causing (ARD) acid rock drainage.

  • Buy 6 inch to 8 inch Moyie Rust Iron stone landscape steps. Palletized delivery recommended for slabs
    larger than 4 feet.

  • Address markers are 8 inch to 18  inch thick x 20-40 square feet in size, These slabs can be used for
    decorative sign's with names or house numbers e.g. "1649 ANY STREET" or  "IDLE-TIME CASINO &

  • RipRap is available in all sizes, see details below.

  • Decorative crushed clear-stone measures 40MM and 80MM

  • Click here to view price list's for iron stone and freight rate delivery.

  • To place an online order of Moyie Rust stackable natural rock , on truckloads of 25 - 44

  • Delivery of product is available for all Moyie Rust Stone orders.

RSSS Delivered this 30
tonne load   Moyie Rust
Iron Stone,
20" - 24"" tall stackable
wall rock  (large size)
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RSSS Cranbrook BC
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<LEFT Professional
design and installation
of Moyie Rust stairs,
and retaining wall.
Gravel base is in place
for paving stone patio
during construction.

Completed project photo
with Lighting, Shrubs,
Paving Stones, Mulch,
River Rock, and Sod


80MM Decorative
Crush, Moyie Rust Iron
Stone. Product is
screened between
40mm - 85mm.

This drainage stone
contains 43.7% voids in
aggregate measured by

Gradation sieve test
report is available.

<LEFT ,   
Moyie Rust Iron Stone.
We really have a nice
selection quarry direct.


Small hand size <100lbs

Small machine  6"-12"
Height with random

Medium 14"-20" Height

Large 20" - 24" Height
Pit location is 3.2km Peavine Road (FSR) Cranbrook BC
6-8 inch  natural stone steps


Natural Moyie Rust Iron
Stone stair treads.

Steps measure 5 - 8
inches rise x 3 - 8 feet

Sold by the lineal foot
For Assistance please call
Rod Roth (250) 464-9991

Medium 16" - 20"
stackable medium
retaining wall stone.

Rsss offers a two year
guarantee on

Bed and backfill the void
behind the wall with
80mm drainage stone.
 Acrylic Polymer Sealer on Iron Stone Cobblestone
3-5 inch cobblestone
installed on a pathway.

Rsss sells High Quality  
Acrylic Polymer sealer
in a solvent solution.
This product seals
decorative concrete and
natural stone to high
gloss, with high
performance materials
that have good abrasion
resistance. CS-Series
acrylics are UV stable
and will not fade or
yellow under ultra-violet
light exposure.

RSSS Perfect-Cut


RSSS Perfect-Cut

We can dimensionally
cut steps as per your
requirements.  The
process includes
Rock-facing the smooth
cut edges  which
resembles a natural
stone texture.
80MM RSSS Crush
40MM RSSS Crush


40MM Decorative Crush,
Moyie Rust Iron Stone.
Product is screened
between 17mm - 40mm.

This drainage stone
contains 42.8% voids in
aggregate measured by

Gradation sieve test
report is available.
RipRap stone embankment


Class 1M RipRap is installed on this embankment.

RSSS Quarries Ltd supplies all sizes of RipRap.

AB Class 1M - (25kg) 125mm - 300mm
AB Class 1  - (100kg) 200mm - 450mm
AB Class 2 - (500kg) 300mm - 900mm
AB Class 3 - (1000kg) 500mm -1000mm

Product Spec's and test sheets available upon request with
very favorable results.
  • specific gravity / density
  • absorption
  • quality measuring loss after freeze thaw test
  • quality measuring loss after 5 cycles magnesium s
  • metal leaching test
  • acid rock drainage test
  • buffering capacity NPR Ratio
  • NAG test
Moyie Rust Iron Stone Lego Block
Tiered retaining wall

This Tiered retaining wall
built with small machine
size 12-14 inch tall
stackable rock
measures less than
1.2meters height and will
avoid a costly
engineering fee. Setting
back each row 30% of
the rise will also conform
to local building codes.
Backfill the wall with
good quality drainage
stone to create stability.
retaining wall with quartzite patio.


Moyie Rust Iron Stone
24 inch tall large
retaining wall matches a
West Coast Brown
Walnut Quartzite patio